What are the Popular Flowers for the Garden?


People love to decorate either their backyard, garden, or lawn with some ornamental plants and flowering plants. Just the way they love to do the interiors of their home, people like to make their home more “homely” by even decorating their outdoors. And just the way, flowers impresses one when gifted on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. along with some reputed florist’s efficient flower delivery in Mumbai or some XYZ place, similarly planting some flowering plants beautifies the garden and fetches one compliment for his/her decorating/creative skills. If you are looking to renovate your garden too but are absolutely clueless about which flowers should go be going with, then here’s a list of some popular flowers that people have chosen for meaning, history, and simple care requirements. Take a look at these mesmerizing flowers which are sure to smile back at those who enjoy their beauty and pass by them.

  1. Daisy – Known to be the cousin of the sunflower, daisies are found and can exist in any part of the world. Daisies are grown commercially but they are like a weed in nature due to their abundant growth, all at once. However, people love to have daisy plants in their front garden for their beautiful visual appeal. They are said to symbolise love, purity, and gentleness.
  2. Lily – Lilies are said to symbolise a plethora of beautiful emotions, for instance, orange lilies represent hatred, yellow lilies represent walking on air, and white lilies represent purity. There are different kinds of lilies as per different features, some have tall stems, thin leaves, while others have showy flowers. For over a thousand years, lilies have been cultivated by humans, for medicinal and ornamental purposes.
  3. Rose – Roses are readily available in different varieties in individual stalks, shrubs, and vines and are widely grown flower plants across the entire globe. There are different colours of roses, each of which stands for some beautiful meaning. For example, a red rose symbolises love, beauty, and courage, whereas a white rose symbolises rose purity, innocence, and humility.
  4. Carnations – These ruffled paper-like flowers can be found in a single colour as well as dual colour. This flower initially originated in the Mediterranean and was cultivated by ancient cultures. Carnations are pretty blooms that have a crucial symbolism in Mother’s Day celebrations. It is an exotic flower, but it still happens to bloom and adapt to different climates across the countries.
  5. Marigold – Coming in different bright colours like white, orange, yellow, and gold and grows into a fully developed green bush, marigold plants are a popular choice of people due to their thick, lush foliage and their availability in a different range of heights. It makes an excellent boundary plant, other than an ornamental flowering plant for your garden. People of Latin America believe that marigolds have medicinal properties and hold distinct spiritual significance. Marigolds are widely used for party or wedding decorations, other than being a national symbol.

So, what’s your pick of popular flowers for your garden going to be?

Author: michelle